Sound Insulation 88 Sliding Sash
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Sound Insulation 88 Sliding Sash

Type:upvc profile/ pvc/upvc
Usage:window and door frames
Series:60mm,80mm,88mm;sliding/casement/swing/tilt out
Materials: unplasticized upvc
Thickness:2-2.5mm or as you required

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As a leading pvc profile manufacturer in China, we mainly produce high quality and competitive price sound Insulation 88 Sliding Sash with easy installation, provide technical consulation, good service and other pre-sale services etc.

Sound Insulation 88 Sliding Sash structure

Name 88# Sliding Sash
Type 88CTLS-A/B/C/D
Size 6m
Weight 0.967kg/m, 0.800kg/m, 0.867kg/m, 0.917kg/m
Material PVC profile
Process plastic extrusion
Package 6 pieces/bag; Plastic bags
Level Excellence
Function The Sliding Door Sash commonly used in bearing sliding window glass, and work with other hardware implementation in the sliding rail.
Color white, dark brown, dark gray, dark green, bronze, etc.
Application It often used in a sliding window.
Features sound insulation, waterproof, heat preservation, non-stick oil, easy to clean, flame retardant.

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01. Materials
Adopt high quality raw materials to make the excellent profiles weather resistance and surface color abundant and smooth.

02. Sophisticated equipment
Adopt fully automatic production and high precision of process control to make high quality pvc profiles.

03. High precision mold
With high precision mold, we provide strong guarantee for high quality and product innovation.

04. Quality inspection
Following the PDCA cycle, we carry out the whole process quality management, and each process is subject to strict quality control.

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